How long does it take?

It usually takes about 20-30 minutes to shoot each location.

Post production - HDR rendering, stitching, retouching, designing and building virtual tours takes the most time. This will vary from job to job.


How are files delivered and in what formats?

The base format for our panoramas and tours is shockwave flash. They can also be created in Quicktime. iPad and iPhone versions are available too. All the files and directory structure are supplied to you or direct to your web designers as an online zip file. CDRs are available on request. We also provide a hosting service service if required. We will be happy to help you or your designers to get your tour up and running.

What copyright applies to the work on this site?

The work shown on this website is copyright under Creative Commons Licence.
With the exception of the Abbey Road Panoramas which are shown courtesy of Abbey Road Studios.


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