Gigapixel Photography

Perhaps the most familiar example of gigapixel photography would be Google Earth.

A Gigapixel photograph is 1000 times the resolution of that taken on a 1 megapixel camera. To view these images in a web browser the image is broken down into thousands of smaller files that are loaded sequentially as the viewer zooms in. As you zoom in or out of the picture the image stays sharp to the very limit of zoom. This approach to viewing super-large photographs is useful when clear distance or fine detail is desired. Smaller files can also benefit from this viewing technique.

Click the examples to the right to view. They require the same Flash player as VR panoramas and is already installed on 98% of computers.

The file size of the stained glass window shot is just 38Mb - not a true gigapixel photo but still far too large to load in a webpage. But, using the Zoomify viewer, only the areas you wish view are downloaded and the picture resolves as you zoom in giving super sharp detail.

The shot of the pier is 30,000 pixels wide. Again, too large for a browser window so the technique offers a solution.

The inset shows the extent of the full image and the detail is shown at 100% zoom.

This image is a composite of over 100 shots. Below you can see the detail represented by the red rectangle. Launch